We want you to make the right residential flooring choices for the right reasons.

We begin by getting to know you so we can understand what you need and how best to serve you.



Simply put, we have a conversation. We ask and answer questions. We work together with you.

We help you hone in on the solution that is right for you.

At our first meeting, we have a conversation. We ask and answer questions. We do not look at samples. Not yet. Simply put, it does not make sense to start pouring through thousands of options before we understand your vision, investment criteria, usage and performance requirements, and budget.

Together, we work to narrow down your needs and the ways in which the right flooring can meet those needs. What does the space look like? What do you want people to feel when they are there? Then we actually look at the space together. Take measurements. Walk around. What has worked in the past and what has not? Will flooring work have to be phased with other trades like painters, electricians, and furniture movers?

The answer to each question drives the next question so we can help you focus in on the solution that is right for you. Then and only then do we pull together options and samples that meet your needs and your expectations. Samples in hand, you can then evaluate what works best for you.

Once we are finished, we can even provide preventative maintenance offerings, including carpet cleaning, VCT waxing, and application of finish treatments.

Our clients return to us again and again because we help them achieve the vision we talked about at the outset. The entire process is collaborative. We are your flooring partner every step of the way.



Allow us to execute your flooring vision quickly and professionally.

Contact Larkin And Associates today at 303-202-0201.

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