Specialty Services

Q: What special kinds of flooring and flooring services can Larkin And Associates provide?

A: You name it, we can do it.

Larkin And Associates has installed flooring in emergency rooms, operating rooms, bone and tissue banks, and clean rooms. We have installed flooring for children’s hospitals, 911 dispatch centers, federal courthouses, federal reserve banks, state investigation bureaus, water sanitation districts, pharmaceutical companies, senior residential centers, call centers, and coroner’s offices. We regularly participate in GSA and TCPN contracts for local, state, and federal government agencies.

We have installed most every kind of flooring, including static floors, outdoor flooring, indoor-outdoor carpet, stair treads, low-profile raised floors, and climbing wall floors.

Our Furniture Lifting System allows us to install new carpet tiles in occupied spaces without removing furniture or dismantling telephone and computer equipment. We gently raise desks and workstations about an inch, remove the old flooring, and replace it with new carpet. The system is designed to protect furniture throughout the process. Installation costs are lower since we do not have to dismantle, remove, and reinstall furniture systems. Best of all, the entire installation process can be done overnight or on a weekend with no interruption to the business and no downtime for employees—which saves our clients even more money.



With our knowledge and experience, we can also provide recommendations that help commercial property managers earn LEED credits. In our experience, the most environmentally sound decision you can make is putting in long-lasting flooring. If your flooring fails prematurely, it goes to an expensive landfill. No matter how green it started, that is not green flooring.


When you work with Larkin And Associates,
you’ll get even the most complex jobs done right the first time.



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