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Choosing the Right Carpet for your Commercial Space

When it comes to commercial spaces, you will want to consider the following points to choose a right carpet:

  1. Budget – For many commercial property owners, the sky is not always the limit. You need to be conscious of the budget but also think about the realistic tenant cycles and need to upgrade. Making the sound decisions after looking at the types of tenant business and how the space is used is critical. Cheap is not always good. Sometime it makes sense to spend a little more to make sure the floor looks great for a long time.
  2. Style – Combination of your tenant use and the building culture dictates the style of the flooring you may want to choose. If the business is expected to have a little more traffic and more spillage, then you want to choose a style of flooring that does not look dirty way before they are worn.
  3. Traffic – Would the space be used for lighter traffic such as counselor’s office or higher traffic with more actions like day care services? Is it near a park where people are likely to track some outdoor elements? Lighter colored carpet in such space can shorten the life of the flooring.
  4. Maintenance – How much maintenance would it take and are you willing to put in? How often will you be replacing the flooring? – These are the questions you need to be asking when you choose your flooring materials and colors.

If you are concerned or not sure how to find the right fit,  contact us today. We have experts with years of experience that can bring you ideas with these elements in mind to make the right choice.

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